Our Vision

A community where older adults are safe, respected, valued, and free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Our Mission

To address elder abuse, neglect and exploitation through enhanced collaboration and coordination of community resources.

Our Values
  • We believe that all elders have dignity, value, and self-worth regardless of age.
  • We value collaborative efforts that focus on positive outcomes;
  • We recognize the valuable contributions that elders make to enhance our community;
  • We value the safety and well-being of elders in our community;
  • We value the contributions of our elders to our community and their right to self-determination;
  • We believe in the right of elders to lead productive and purposeful lives, free of all abuse;
  • We are committed to providing a strong voice on behalf of elders and preserve their rights and freedom;
  • We collaborate together to accomplish more than what one partner can do alone.